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BanqO is your Solution! Because a learners IEP is important!

Professional Training

Professional Training

Professional Training

To facilitate optimal implementation of BanqO! Our team offers various development workshops. The professional training packages we offer are customizable improvement workshops supported by research, aimed at student academic success.

We currently offer the following workshops:

Module UB : Using BanqO efficiently to create and monitor SMART CORE IEPs!

Module AG : Identifying academic goals aligned with the Provincial Education Program.

Module IG : Identify goals for Independence and Social Participation.

Module TG : Identify transitional goals for SMART CORE transition programs!

Module SG : Going beyond the surface with social goals!

Module MS : Determine, distinguish and prioritize means and strategies.

Module TM : Engage stakeholders in participating in and collaborating with the IEP/TP process.

Cost (group memberships include a two-hour optional training) may vary based on requirements (number of packages requested).

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BanqO is your Solution! Because a learners IEP is important!

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