BanqO! - A platform to help you create, manage and review Individualized Education Programs (IEP) or Transition Programs

BanqO is your Solution! Because a learners IEP is important!

About BanqO!

About Us!

About BanqO!

About Us!


Regardless of your capacities, your potential exceeds what you could develop in life! ".

That is the leitmotiv of  BanqO!

We are all endowed with learning potential. To develop it, it is necessary to begin by setting challenging goals. Observable and measurable goals make it possible to pave the path towards achieving them. In the words of David Campbell: " If you do not know where you are going, you risk to arrive somewhere else! "

In short, why BanqO? because...

  • every learner is unique and has learning potential;
  • every plan is important, operational, dynamic and interactive.


The design of this software is the product of a long term research and development project.

Several years of research and practical experience have served as a framework for BanqO.

BanqO is an evidence-based software that meets the needs of different type of (IEP) Individualized Education Programs or Transition Programs (TP) users.


BanqO provides professionals, parents and students with a new digital environment to help them design, manage and monitor IEPs or TPs. User friendly and easy-to-use, BanqO helps professionals identify goals that are realistic, observable and measurable, and meet the requirements or goals of Quebec Education Program (QEP).

BanqO encompasses more than 25 000 goals :

  • Categorized according to various areas of learning, as presented in the table below.
  • Compliant with the Quebec Education Program (QEP)
  • Aligned with (QEP) core competencies and key features
  • Linked to the Quebec Progression of Learning standards
  • Related to a chronological age or age group
  • Attached to a school cycle
  • Connected to a school year
  • Adapted to the various needs and profiles of students

Some other properties of BanqO:

  • Goals can be customized automatically according to student needs
  • Goals can be tailored by inserting a criterion that corresponds to the student, and specifying a condition the student needs to achieve the chosen goal
  • Goals may be modified or content may be added to the predetermined objectives.
  • Goals show the last date when they were modified
  • BanqO provides a space to enter multiple means to achieve the targeted goals: means may be prioritized or attributed to different team members
  • BanqO provides the user with a strategy to monitor and review each IEP or TP
  • BanqO offers the user the option to download and print a PDF version for each IEP or TP
  • BanqO generates a progress report for each student
  • BanqO enables documentation of notes, which can be sent by e-mail to team members
  • BanqO allows you to share IEP or TP with team members


BanqO was developed by an interdisciplinary team composed of different experts (research, special education, education, ergonomics, software engineering, programming, psychoeducation and psychology) and professionals coming from different schools, clinics and centers.

The professional expertise in research and pedagogical innovation allowed the creation of a useful and effective tool for students, parents and professionals.

*BanqO is also available for other provinces in Canada or other countries and complies with the state, province or country Standards in Education.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information.

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BanqO is your Solution! Because a learners IEP is important!

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