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Thank you for your interest in This section defines in a certain way the relationship between, IEP-PI Solutions and you. This section provides information on copyrights, policies and provisions on the protection of personal data.


  1. The information contained in this website is the property of IEP-PI Solutions, which holds the intellectual property rights.

  2. Intellectual property rights are exclusive rights that have given a license to use. These rights include copyright.

  3. The use of the content for purposes other than those strictly permitted, shall be the subject of authorizations, licenses, permissions or concessions of interest from or IEP-PI Solutions (rights holder).


By using this, you agree to abide by the following policies and usage policies:

  1. You can use for personal or professional use (for the purpose of developing an intervention plan) if you have subscribed online, or if you have obtained a license.

  2. With the purchase of a single annual subscription, you get the right of use for a single user and his students only, for educational purposes in the course of his work. If the account is distributed to another person, the usage will be billed to the different users.

  3. The school or institution must purchase a group package per number of stakeholders. The group subscription belongs to the number of users determined for this group only. It is prohibited to transfer the content of for wider distribution in a school, center, clinic, institution, other Internet media, software, CD or blog. may terminate this license without notice if the user does not comply with its terms.

  4. Free trials of our products require a subscription. Your subscription continues beyond the expiry date of the free trial unless you take the necessary steps to cancel your subscription We will not charge your account until the free trial period expires and you have not canceled your trial subscription yet In the event that you wish to continue your subscription beyond the trial period, do not nothing and your subscription will continue automatically without interruption and the applicable fees will be charged to the source of payment provided at the time of membership.

  5. The subscription is from month to month and starts 10 days after your registration (after the free trial period).

  6. You may cancel your trial subscription at any time during the free trial period

  7. You can cancel your subscription at any time during the period of your membership. There are no cancellation fees.


Your personal information:

The confidentiality of your personal information (surname, first name, email address, postal address, telephone and other confidential information) is automatically respected; your personal information will not be disclosed or sold to third parties without your permission. However, this is your responsibility to take all the precautionary and security measures necessary to protect your username and password. Your email address may be used to keep you informed, including product launches or promotions Your collection of objectives. Your main personal goal collection will be protected by our system, username and password. Sub-collections of goals saved under a student name will be protected in two ways:

  1. By entering only the first name of the student (and a number if two students have the same name), he or she will remain anonymous.

  2. complies with the 1998 U.S. Children's Online Privacy Protection Act (COPPA) and the guidelines of the Council of Better Business Bureau, Inc.'s Children's Advertising Review Unit (CARU) on all of its child-friendly websites.

The collections of goals you make will not be used or given to a third party. Objective collections will be abolished once the user stops his subscription.

Coordinating users and collaborating users, by default of use, agree to respect the confidential nature of the nominative information contained in the plan, as prescribed by the Access Act.

If applicable, a copy of the plan may be sent to another school board, to another school or to a third party who has not been mentioned on the plan with the written authorization of the student's parental authority. minor or that of the adult student.

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